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The FloridaCycling Bill Bone ProAM Series is a production of Topview Sports in collaboration with different Promoters/Clubs/Teams that individually own and manage the events with the support of multiple clubs throughout Florida.
PERMITTING:  All events will be permitted and insured by USACycling.
ANTI DOPING:  All events support USADA’s and the Florida Ride Clean Fund’s policies and procedures.
FAIR & CLEAN PLEDGE:  All Promoters and Riders pledge to foster Fair & Clean competition. 
Sponsor: Bill Bone Bike Law


Date Event Courses
Feb 2-3 Swamp Classic Road Race, TT, Crit
Feb 16 Champions Criterium Criterium, Tallahassee, FL
Mar 9-10 Chain of Lakes Alturas RR & TT, Winter Haven CRIT
Mar 29-31 Sunshine Grand Prix Tampa Crit, Brooksville Crit, RR, TT
May 4 Ocala Criterium Criterium Ocala, FL
Sept 7 Pinellas Park Circuit Pinellas Park, FL
Sept 14-15 Pensacola Cycling Classic

Crit, Road Race , TT , Pensacola, FL

Oct 5-6  Real Campione D' Clermont  Criterium, Road Race, Mt Dora/Clermont, FL















These categories will be 
scored separately
Men Pro 1/2/3
Men Cat 3
Masters 40+
Masters 50+
Masters 60+
Men Cat 4
Men Cat 5
Women Pro 1/2/3
Women 4/5
Juniors 9-10
Juniors 11-12
Juniors 13-14

Tie Breakers: In the event of a tie in any of the above listed competitions, we will go to the most 1st places then 2nd places and so on until the tie is broken. 
Time Trial events will use the Merckx Advantage for scoring and placings. This exciting new way of scoring time trials has been used by Topview Sports with great success in other states and has created renewed excitement for this segment of our sport.  The Merckx Advantage will use the following criteria: As a general rule, riders electing "Merckx" will receive a 30,45, or 60 second time deduction from their actual race time. This "adjusted" time will be used for the weekend scoring and Bill Bone ProAm only. When the results are submitted to USACycling the "actual" race times as they happended on the road will be used. 
When beginning a TT you must declare yourself as "AERO" or "Merckx" to the Topview Staffer in the TT staging area. 
In order to qualify as "Merckx" you may not use any of the following(even one of the below items will switch you to "Aero"):
Disc Wheel
Wheels deeper than 50MM (including braking surface) so from the most aero point to the tire will be measured. 
Aero Helmets
Shoe Covers
Aero Bars

Allowed items are: Aero Road Helmet(no teardrop shape), Skinsuits

EVENT PRIZES & AWARDS:  Please refer to each Event’s Flyers for details.

RESULTS:   The official Event Results and Series Championship Points will be tabulated and hosted on




Flyer Register Results Race Map Hotel

 The Georgia Cycling Gran Prix is entering its 10th year and we are expecting the growth and excitement to continue. 


July 19-23, 2017
Over $10,000 in Cash+Prizes
6 races...5 days...Many Champions