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Sea Sucker Bike Racks

About Us

We are a Florida-based designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of kick-ass marine accessories, bike racks and board racks for cars, and small electronics mounts for holding iPads, iPhones and similar gadgets.

We got our start in 2005 after putting together a vacuum-mounted chair for use on the deck of a boat. Even though we never actually sold the chair as one of our products, the idea to mount accessories to a boat with vacuum technology turned out to be a winner, and we started making rod holders, dive racks, cup holders and other aftermarket marine accessories.

In 2009, it occurred to us that our vacuum cups could be the basis for an awesome bike rack, so we began designing the racks that we sell today all over the world. Once we were attaching bike racks to cars (and racing them around the track at 140 m.p.h.), it wasnʼt too much of a stretch to start making surfboard, paddle board and kayak racks too.

We jumped on the iPad bandwagon in 2011 when we released our Naked Flex Mount. After a couple of months on our website, it became our number one selling product of all time. We followed that up with the release of our Mini Naked Flex Mount, sized for iPhones and smaller devices, and we havenʼt looked back since.

Our products have been featured in numerous magazines and television shows, and we expect to keep coming up with new ideas that make people say “Wow – I wish Iʼd thought of that!”

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